November 9th, 2018


Hello and welcome. I have been thinking for awhile now to open a members area.  I have finally decided to go through with it and start. Although there are only a few sets and goodies, I am working away at more 🙂 Please be sure to read my terms so there is no confusion and if you are confused you can always email me and we can be confused together hehe.

So where does this leave my shop? Well the shop will stay open and I may add to it time to time, but I want to connect more with people who enjoy my work. So having a members area will allow me to be able to do this. I LOVE suggestions because sometimes I just don’t know what to create and it really gives my muse a kick in the butt!

I have many cute sets and some linkware goodies. I also have an update group if you decide to join that will notify you when I have new goodies for you to play with. I look forward to having you as a member and truly hope you enjoy all that I have to offer.

*Members also are able to buy any sets from my shop at 1/2 price*



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